I’ve got your number

by Sophie Kinsella

Yes, I cannot stop reading Sophie Kinsella books! After every 2-3 books I feel like having a light fun read and end up picking up one of her books. This time I picked out ‘I’ve got your number‘. It is about Poppy Wyatt who is a physiotherapist and is engaged to the ideal man, Magnus Tavish. He is smart, handsome and charming. Everything is perfect, till Poppy loses her engagement ring, weeks before her wedding. A ring which has been in Magnus’ family for years.

The night on which Poppy loses her ring, is a roll coaster. Where first it seems luck is completely against her as

a) she of course has lost her ring and then

b) her cell phone gets nicked! She thus loses the number which she has given out to everyone in the hope that by miracle someone may find her ring.

But then comes the high point when on the same night she finds a phone in the trash can, a phone which was owned by Violet, PA to the businessman Sam Roxton.

Poppy quickly starts using the said phone and gives the new number to all her contacts. For this reason she is unwilling to part with it when Sam asks for the phone back. She makes a deal with him, to let her keep the phone till she finds her ring and she will in return forward him all his texts and emails.

A nice tingly chemistry develops between Poppy and Sam as they start sharing the phone and getting to know each other.

Sam comes off as a very likable character; smart, helpful in a subtle way and a no-nonsense kind of guy. Poppy on the other hand is nosey and judgmental, which gets annoying at times and creates super messy situations for her, but she has her funny and adorable moments as well.

The background story is also quite enjoyable as Poppy tries to manage her very educated in-laws, her over bearing wedding planner and her friends slash colleagues.

This is another delightful read by Sophie Kinsella!

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