Revisiting ‘Kidnapped’

I was just musing over a cup of coffee about how much I love reading. It is my meditation, it genuinely makes me happy. I tried to recall what got me started with reading, and I remembered it was Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Kidnapped’. It was my first book of the rapid reading class in school. But surprisingly I didn’t remember much of the story though I definitely remembered enjoying it thoroughly. So I picked up the book from my library the next day.

Kidnapped is a story about David Balfour, a seventeen year old righteous and kind kid who after his father’s demise is sent to the House of Shaws, the house of his family. Excited with the prospect of having a good life with his rich relatives he goes on the journey with much hope. However closer to the house he realises that he was wrong. And on meeting his only living relative uncle Ebenezer he realized his future prospects seemed very bleak. The next couple of days at the House of Shaw were eventful, with his uncle almost trying to kill him, and he finding evidence that he had actually inherited the House.

But before he could rightfully claim his inheritance his uncle quite cunningly gets him kidnapped and transported on the ship Covenant by Hoseason, its captain. During his journey on the ship he befriends Alan Breck Stewart, a Jacobite who resides in France. The adventures of David and Alan that follow are dangerous and fascinating. Their bromance as is called in today’s times is touching.

David’s journey goes a full circle as after a lot of struggle he finally returns back to his town to claim what is rightfully his. Kidnapped is a fun book set against the backdrop of Jacobite struggle across Scotland. The only drawback that can be is that the language is sometimes difficult to read.

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