The Undomestic Goddess

by Sophie Kinsella

Crazy work hours, unrealistic deadlines, zero social life…quiet a few professionals today face this situation. But ambition is a big driver, and in order to gain that coveted post, that 6 figure salary – every personal sacrifice, every missed birthday or anniversary seems worth it. And life continues to pass by. Samantha Sweeting, an associate at one of the best law firms, Carter Spink, is one such professional.

Brilliant at what she does, she is the hot candidate for becoming partner. A dream of hers and her mothers since she was very young, her life couldn’t be better. But on the fateful day when her partnership is about to be announced, Samantha realizes she’s made a huge mistake. A mistake that would cost her client 50 million pounds.

Shocked and terrified, Samantha walks away from the offices of Carter Spink, creating such a messy situation that she is unable to return back. But fate has something else planned for her. Through a case of mistaken identity she ends up being a housemaid for a wealthy couple.

Samantha’s struggles with her daily chores is hysterical. Her awkwardness in managing the household is very entertaining to read. But in this time she discovers a life very unlike hers. A life which is maybe more fulfilling and happy? Can Samantha forget her past and continue with her second role as a maid?

The Undomestic Goddess is a wonderful story. It has everything, an interesting and engaging protagonist, distressing and comical situations, some drama and of course a romantic angle. It is one of my favorite Sophie Kinsella books!

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